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Arghh, coming at ya
Arghh, going to catch ya
Hunting ya for a small fee
Shit, if we catch you
We'll probably do it for free
Arghh, coming at ya
Arghh, going to catch ya
Unleash the dogs

Unleash the dogs

Hunted, in every corner of the galaxy
Where justice is a rumour, a falacy
Dispersed instantly and ruthlessly
The second we say your guilty
Of commiting an offense or felony
Your innocent, don't try telling me
Stop looking and go about your biz
Crime is what we say it is
So your best to step back
Or get fried when lazers zap
We're the law we roll in packs
You mightn't like it but its like that
You've been warned now step back
Or you'll be the next to die
Feeling lucky punk? Give it a try
Plus we got bigger fish to fry
Step back we have our orders
All good people should be home
With their one permissable son or daughter
And don't let me catch you
Using more than your quota of water
We're keeping the new worlds orders
And all the credits we can launder
Pay up prove your innocence
And return to being docile citizens
So what if it makes no sense?
Don't question our right to governance
Shut up and listen instead
The human being in this picture
Is not wanted alive but dead
Plus theres, a price on their head
A price on their head
A price on their head


from Strange Future, released January 11, 2011


all rights reserved



Universal Harmonics Wellington, New Zealand

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