Dusty Rock

from Strange Future by Universal Harmonics

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About this track:
This rogue outpost, a dusty rock on the edge of the universe was his only hope of finding a power cell.


Yeah you think you've seen freaks
You've never seen freaks until you've been here
All kinds of freaks on a mission to get freaky
This place is crazy man!

Dusty Rock, Spaced out crock
Spaced up and placed to rock x4

The only reason this place even exists
Is because it scares the system shitless
The lure seems arousing and exciting
But the place is less than inviting
With outlaws, vagrants, freaks and mutants
Getting high off strange toxins and pollutants
The aura oozes horror sex and violence
Slip for minute and close your eyelids
Sleep in a coffin listening to violins
You'll see thing you dont want to remember
So I order a drink from the bartender
Toxic waste served with an umbrella
A beligerant bitch spits in my face
Strange to think this is my last taste
Of any lifeform, creed or race
Here five minutes, cant wait to leave the place

Dusty Rock, Spaced out crock
Spaced up and placed to rock x4

The reason I landed in the first place
My power source needed to be replaced
I got a plan, I'm on the case
Just need a diversion to take place
Right then everything turned to mucus
Trecherous space truckers brought the ruckus
With psychotic tourists turned fist fuckers
That arrived yesterday innocent and naive
What day does here you wouldn't believe
Someone let out a piercing scream
While sick shit played on the big screen
Nows the time to unhatch my scheme
Ripped the power source from the seems
Slipped out the door unnoticed it seems
Jump in my ship and exit the scene

Dusty Rock, Spaced out crock
Spaced up and placed to rock x4

Tell you its crazy branium cranium
Wilting violets and shrinking geraniums
Kinda out there crazy like a mesopatanium
Indian GNC
Moving in and out with the efficiency
Swiftly moving with the gift to grab this
So I can dopple all these dopplegangers
And applegrabbers
Bobing for apples in an apple barrel
You can never tell the thought, the truth, the bone, the marrow
Dogs fetching them as they come
Everyone equal under the sun
Freaky shots from a gun fired now it's time to run
Hum drum and rhyme one with another one
Stinging like a butterfly, flowing like a bummblebee
Easily, get my shit crossed backwards
Wires, plug it into RCA
Anytime any given day
This freaky spot
You can get shot
Pour it out when it gets hot
Start to sweat and drop
Your feet stink of wrench and rot
You never know where your going
You got to run, you got the trots
Its time to move it before
Everything gets shut up
And you must connect the dots
For yourself
This kind of place is no good for your health
no good for your health

Dusty Rock, Spaced out crock
Spaced up and placed to rock x4
Dusty Rock


from Strange Future, released January 11, 2011


all rights reserved



Universal Harmonics Wellington, New Zealand

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