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About this track:
Had he found a new world? Had he gone back to a time when the earth was clean? Had he died and gone to heaven? All Tristan Perry knew was...he could breathe!


You wouldn't believe how good it is just to breathe

Now take just a few moments and breathe this way
Don't think or let your mind wander, just breathe

I thought I was gone, I was history
But the universe had other plans for me
Chase enough dreams you catch one eventually
And I find myself where I was meant to be
From the celestial to the terrestial
Another dimension taking a breath for my body to function
How this happened was beyond my comprehension
So I kept on breathing and released the tension

Just Breathe

For years I dreamt of this place in inner space
Escaped accross the universe only to be chased
Attracted by lure of something pure
To find a universe that wasn't cursed
Free of polution
War and corruption ruined the earth
Power and control stole the soul
From our souls
This new place the total opposite in every case
And you can breathe with the sunshine on your face

As I look over this beautiful scene
Remind myself it's real and not a dream
A place where, air is clean
And grass is green
The kind of place where you wouldn't believe
Where you can just be and you can just breathe
People respecting me and the air is free
Seemed to be forever searching wondering lost
When hope was lost
That was when I found it at last
When hope was lost

You wouldn't believe how good it is just to breathe
You take something simple away
Lifes really not the same
Now its free and we can just breathe


from Strange Future, released January 11, 2011


all rights reserved



Universal Harmonics Wellington, New Zealand

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